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Machining tapers, chamfers, grooves, and other surface configurations into wheels, roller, and other round parts all fall into the general category of contouring. Tools for grooving the O.D. of hard urethanes 95A to 75D all have the same basic tool geometry.

Machining of Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys

In general, the softer ailoys~and, to a lesser extent, some of the harder al- c loys--are likely to form a built-up edge on the cutting lip of the tool. This edge consists of aluminum particles that have become welded to the tool edge because they were

Good manufacturing practice

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are the practices required in order to conform to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control the authorization and licensing of the manufacture and sale of food and beverages,[1] cosmetics,[2] pharmaceutical products,[3] dietary supplements,[4] and medical devices.[5] These guidelines provide minimum

Metal cutting knowledge Technical guide from

Metal cutting knowledge Do you need help with calculating starting values, figure out what causes and solves poor tool life or do you need tips on how to optimize your machining processes? When you need an expert's advice for metal cutting, this is the place to go.

Down milling vs. up milling

Down milling In down milling (climb milling), the cutting tool is fed with the direction of rotation. Down milling is always the preferred method wherever the machine tool, fixture and workpiece will allow. In peripheral down milling, the chip thickness will decrease from

Manufacturing Workmanship Standards: Flash at Parting

2019/7/18Once a part is molded and removed from the tool, a technician will either tear or trim the excess material until it's in accordance with our 0.005 in. standard. Flash is a thin layer of excess plastic that flows outside of the mold's cavity and into the parting line, the space between the two mold halves.

General Design Rules for Machining

General design rules for machining (Drilling, Milling Turning) Examples of Drilling Design Guidelines Avoid Deep Holes Entry/Exit Surface for Holes recommended on flat plane surfaces Avoid Holes with Flat Bottom Avoid Holes Intersecting Cavities Partial Holes Standard hole sizes Avoid Deep Holes Deep, small diameter holes should be avoided as they are difficult to machine.

Cutting Speed Chart for Different Materials in Turning,

Machining process: cutting speed for turning, drilling, reaming, and end milling. 3. Please note the table is applicable for high speed steel tooling, when you use carbide tooling, increasing or decreasing the cutting speed based on cutting tool hardness, for example, multiply the listed speeds by a factor of 2 to 4, and the speed should be lower for carbon steel tool.

Tool Life Archives

2020/2/13Harvey Tool offers speeds and feeds charts for every one of its more than 21,000 tools featured in its catalog, helping machinists to confidently run their tool the first time. Harvey Performance Company offers the Machining Advisor Pro application, a free, cutting-edge resource that generates custom running parameters for optimized machining with all of Helical's products.

Harvey Tool launches spring 2017 catalog

Harvey Tool launches spring 2017 catalog Commitment to unique geometries that optimize cutting performance for a variety of materials and applications is highlighted in the catalog. Rowley, Massachusetts – Harvey Tool has releases its Spring 2017 catalog, featuring the new high performance composite drill – double angle, high performance composite drill – brad point, corner radius

Tool design Archives

2018/6/25There are many factors that go into determining the running parameters for stainless steel machining, but there are some general guidelines to follow as a starting point. Generally speaking, when machining stainless steels a SFM of between 100-350 is recommended, with a chip load ranging between .0005" for a 1/8" end mill up to .006" for a 1" end mill.

Turning tools

Turning tools For any application, our turning tools control chips, tool life, and vibration. This makes sure you stay in control, maximize your machining time, and stay ahead of the competition. For any application, our turning tools control chips, tool life, and vibration.

Machining Guidelines

Note: Speeds and Feeds are only general starting points and may vary depending on specific applications. Milling Working Material Application Cutting Speed fpm Cutting Speed m/min Chip Load ipt Chip Load mm/t ALUMINUM Aluminum (5–8% Si) (356, 308, 242, 208) Rough Milling 2000–5000 610–1525 0.010–0.020 0.254–0.508 Aluminum (5–8% Si) (356, 308, 242, 208) Finish Milling

Tolerances for Dimensions and Allowances for Machining and

Crucible Tool Steel and Specialty Alloy Selector Tolerances for Dimensions and Allowances for Machining and Decarburization Tool steels are produced on a variety of hammers, rolling mills, and other production units necessitated by the numerous sizes, sections

Harvey Tool Releases September 2011 Catalog

Harvey Tool has also created a new line of Corner Radius CVD Diamond End Mills. With 5x, 8x, and 12x reaches available, CVD is the supreme coating for graphite, and this particular tool is ideal for machining composites and green carbide/green ceramics.

Introduction to Selecting Turning Tools

tool material based on the part material and selecting tool type, tool shape, and tool holder based on the shape of external and internal profiles. Students finish with a machining process plan for the operations, tools, and cutting data to machine a simple turned

Machine Safety Guidelines

University of Toronto – Office of Environmental Health and Safety Machine SafetyGuidelines August 2015 Machine Safety Guidelines 1.0 Introduction Workers and students working in machine shops, or using machines and power tools in other areas, are faced with

Introduction to CNC machining

An article with more design guidelines specifically for CNC machining can be found here. Characteristics of CNC machining A key strength of CNC machining is its ability to produce parts with excellent material properties from a very wide selection of materials: practically all engineering materials can be CNC machined.


General Machining Guidelines when using carbide end mills Drilling Speeds and Feeds Feeds and Speeds wizard (Although this is a wonderful speeds and feeds calculator, be mindful that you must know your machine capabilities to use this tool successfully or else you will have poor results)

General Design Rules for Machining

General design rules for machining (Drilling, Milling Turning) Examples of Drilling Design Guidelines Avoid Deep Holes Entry/Exit Surface for Holes recommended on flat plane surfaces Avoid Holes with Flat Bottom Avoid Holes Intersecting Cavities Partial Holes Standard hole sizes Avoid Deep Holes Deep, small diameter holes should be avoided as they are difficult to machine.

Walter Tools Engineering Kompetenz

Walter AG's customers include renowned companies from the general plant construction and mechanical engineering sector, the automotive and energy industry, and aviation and aerospace industry. The company impresses these customers not only with innovative tools but also as a provider of customised solutions for the complete machining of components – and as a process partner for efficient

Down milling vs. up milling

In up milling (conventional milling), the feed direction of the cutting tool is opposite to its rotation. The chip thickness starts at zero and increases toward the end of the cut. The cutting edge has to be forced into the cut, creating a rubbing or burnishing effect due to friction, high temperatures and often contact with a work-hardened surface caused by the preceding edge.

Welcome to Crystallume

Solving Customer Problems with CVD Diamond Technology Founded in 1984, Crystallume pioneered the development and application of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamond technology. Since then, Crystallume's coating experts have become specialists at solving customer problems with diamond technology. Diamond Helps Improve Product Performance Diamond technology isn't new. In the late

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