experimental observation and numerical prediction of induction heating in a graphite

steel research international: Vol 85, No 5

Volume fraction of martensite in the tooth during quenching using 0.3 MPa air and 0.3 MPa water pressures after 2 s (a), 2.2 s (b) and 2.4 s (c). A numerical model was introduced describing the quenching process using spray cooling subsequent to induction heating.

The finite element analysis of austenite decomposition

2014/7/31The result shows that the simulated starting time and ending time of austenite decomposition into ferrite, pearlite and bainite agree well with the CCT diagram. The predicted critical cooling rate for full martensite transformation (20 s −1) is also in agreement with

(20) A special coarsening mechanism for intergranular helium bubbles upon heating: A combined experimental and numerical study, Scripta Materialia, 2018, (21) Microstructural evolution and hardening of GH3535 alloy under energetic Xe ion irradiation at room temperature and 650 C, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2018, 1

Changes in Shear Wave Speed Pre and Post Induction of

Softness is a component of a numerical score (the Bishop score) that also includes dilation, effacement, station and position, and is used to predict labor induction success. 11 Its ability to determine eligibility for cesarean section after failed induction is low 12,,

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering,

Open abstract View article, Experimental and numerical analysis of roll bending process of thick metal sheets PDF, Experimental and numerical analysis of roll bending process of thick metal sheets In metalworking, bending forming processes are used extensively for a wide range of applications referring to several industrial fields, such as oilgas field, naval field or automotive field.

Realization of the Zone Length Measurement during Zone Refining Process via Implementation of an Infrared Camera

direct below the induction heating coil (see Figure 4). The special position of the cameras in terms of inclination and distance point of view leads to a perspective observation of the zone length. Therefore, the correct measurement of the molten zone length had to

Electromagnetic Heating of Heavy Oil and Bitumen: A

B. Hascakir, T. Babadagli, and S. Akin, "Experimental and numerical modeling of heavy-oil recovery by electrical heating, paper SPE 117669," in Proceedings of the International Thermal Operations and Heavy Oil Symposium (ITOHOS '08), p. 14, Society of |


Estimation of lubricity by numerical method on surface of NbC-reinforced tool for hot steel rolling XIII International Conference on Computational Plasticity. Fundamentals and Applications COMPLAS XIII E. Oate, D.R.J. Owen, D. Peric and M. Chiumenti (Eds)

Development of a Thermal Autofrettage Setup to

Experimental Assessment of Residual Stresses Induced by the Thermal Autofrettage of Thick-Walled Cylinders," J. Strain Anal., 51 (2 Geekcreit 1000W 20A ZVS Induction Heating Machine Cooling Fan PCB Copper Tube 12-36V," accessed Mar. 12, 2019,

Influence of the quenching rate and step

2. Material and experimental procedures 2.1. Chemical composition The PER72 R alloy was extracted from a forged disk, which was produced by vacuum induction melting, electro-slag remelting, vacuum arc remelting and finally forging. Sheet blank samples

A Study of the Oxidation Behaviour of Pile Grade A (PGA)

2015/11/17Pile grade A (PGA) graphite was used as a material for moderating and reflecting neutrons in the UK's first generation Magnox nuclear power reactors. As all but one of these reactors are now shut down there is a need to understand the residual state of the material prior to decommissioning of the cores, in particular the location and concentration of key radio-contaminants such as 14C. The

Direct Observation of a Plasmon

An evaluation of the response obtained for the full multimetallic system shows the presence of two distinguishable regimes, i.e., a low power regime, in which an increase of the pump fluence results in an increase of the ΔA signal of 0.35 μW –1, and a high-power regime, where a 1.16 μW –1 increase in the ΔA signal is observed.

Finite Element Analysis of Induction Heating Process Design for

Experimental Observation and Numerical Prediction of Induction Heating in a Graphite Test Article, Expert from the proceedings of the Comsol Conference, Boston, 2009. [5] U. Ludtke and D. Schulze, FEM software for simulation of heating by internal,

In Situ Visualization Measurement of Flat Plate Ablation

The experimental results demonstrate vast potential for using this in situ measuring technique in various engineering applications. Finally, the formation and merging of the melted droplets was analyzed based on energy theory, and the numerical simulation results showed good agreement with the actual experimental results.

(PDF) Prediction of hypo eutectoid steel softening due to

Numerical optimizationIn order to achieve a complete software package for the prediction of the overlapping laser paths effects two considerations must be made with respect to the material properties. Fig. 2 shows the typical effects on the hardening when two

Experimental and numerical approach to identify major heating

Experimental and numerical approach to identify major heating mechanism in induction thermography of carbon fiber reinforced plastic components by Renil Thomas K*, C V Krishnamurthy**, Krishnan Balasubramanian* * Department of Mechanical Engineering


The feasibility of the idea is supported by numerical analysis and experimental outcomes with a 3D printed and metallized hip prosthesis mockup. Preliminary results demonstrate a detection distance up to 0.7m, fully compliant with fast and non-collaborative diagnosis in the emerging Personalized Healthcare.

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion is a monthly publication dedicated to the dissemination of original results on all aspects, experimental and theoretical, of the physics of hot, highly ionized plasmas. Journal history 1984-present Plasma Physics and Controlled

Research on Severe Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants

2010/10/21The PRELUDE preliminary program is ongoing in IRSN to test the performance of the induction heating system on stainless steel particles, in order to optimize the instrumentation in a two-phase flow. The debris bed is one-dimensional, with a smaller size than PEARL, at atmospheric pressure and up to temperatures of 1000C.

Pseudospectra of the Orr–Sommerfeld Operator

This paper investigates the pseudospectra and the numerical range of the Orr–Sommerfeld operator for plane Poiseuille flow. Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters 63:7, 543-549. Kim-Chuan Toh and Lloyd N. Trefethen. (1996) Calculation 17

Multiphysics modelling of manufacturing processes: A

2018/5/15The numerical analyses presented in Georgiou and collegues 66,70 –73 have shown that the self-sustained pressure oscillations of stick–slip instability require a non-monotonic slip law (which is consistent with both experimental data 74,75 and theoretical 76 –78

Advanced Materials Research Vol. 566

Abstract: Deformations including transverse shrinkage and vertical displacement of induction triangle heating play an important role in shipyard. However, the deformations and behaviors of plate after heating are complex, the analysis of this process consumes much time and expensive.

steel research international: Vol 85, No 5

Volume fraction of martensite in the tooth during quenching using 0.3 MPa air and 0.3 MPa water pressures after 2 s (a), 2.2 s (b) and 2.4 s (c). A numerical model was introduced describing the quenching process using spray cooling subsequent to induction heating.

Heat Sealing Fundamentals, Testing, and Numerical Modeling

process itself is needed in combination with supporting computational and experimental tools. Using fundamentals of heat transfer, 1D/2D numerical models were created in MATLAB and ANSYS to predict temperature distributions within important material layers and evaluate seal

Thermal Fatigue Analysis of Hot Forging Closed Dies1

The numerical subroutine was based on Manson (thermal fatigue) and Coffin-Manson (number of cycles) equations. Hot forging of AISI 1045 grinding balls using AISI H13 closed dies was performed and the numerical and experimental results were compared. The


2020/8/7Nearly all illuminating classic hypersonic flow theories address aerodynamic phenomena as a perfect gas in the high-speed range and at the upper limit of continuum gas domain. The hypersonic flow is quantitatively defined by the Mach number independent principle, which is derived from the asymptotes of the Rankine-Hugoniot relationship. However, most hypersonic flows encounter strong shock

Optimization of Heating Process for Bearing Rings in a Vacuum Furnace Based on Numerical

The heating curves obtained from the numerical model compare well with the experimental data. Based on the model, effects of heating process parameters on the radiative heat transfer in a vacuum furnace are investigated. The simulation results indicate that

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