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Purifi Class D

2021/1/11I've been out of audio for a while, but have been getting re-acquainted with it. After a lot of research I got the VTV Purifi amp with the Sparkos input buffer. I'm running a Holo May Dac into it and I have a pair of speakers of my own design: 15 open baffle, single

Boston Audio Design

Boston Audio Design, along with other leading audiophile accessory manufacturers, has used tungsten carbide for years. But before describing our latest innovation in the cryogenic tempering of tungsten carbide, let's first look at the other ways that tungsten carbide has been used by other companies.

boston audio design

2021/5/5Boston Audio Design is a manufacturer of serious audiophile tweaks. In concept, design, and execution, their products display a penchant for perfectionism and for thinking outside the box. The company's secret weapon is the proprietary material used to make all of their offerings, a specially coated carbon-graphite mixture that is exceptionally strong and inert.

Windows X

Windows 10 was first released 5 years ago and changes in each major update affected sound quality and sonic performance to some people who's very serious about sound quality. After entering Redstone ring update, Windows 10 has significant sound quality drop and caused audiophiles to switch to Linux OS since Windows 10 v1607 Anniversary Update which is the worst sounding Windows 10 in my book.

The Best Audio Accessories, Tweaks, and Voodoo

2020/12/6Part-Time Audiophile | The Best Audio Accessories, Tweaks, and Voodoo | Buyers Guide 2021 April 27, 2021 in Announcements // Hypsos by Ferrum Now Available in the USA April 20, 2021 in Announcements // NEW Rotel Integrateds: A-14 MKII, RA-1572 MKII, RA-1592 MKII

6moons audio reviews: Codia Acoustic Design Stage 1000

Codia Acoustic Design set up shop in early 2000 with the goal of designing and manufacturing premium-grade audio furniture and accessories. Whilst they're a fairly fresh face to North American shores, they claim more than 30% market share in their homeland of South Korea.

Regen/USB VS I2S direct

2015/9/4I know that is not an audiophile principle but its an engineering/design principle If the renderer is built right into the DAC, the cost to manufacture is almost the same as USB. To build a renderer like the SSR, it needs to have its own enclosure, PCB, power supply, clocks, DSP chip etc.

Purist Audio Design Diamond Edition Dominus AC

2017/8/2With the Purist Audio Design Diamond Edition AC power cord, you're guaranteed to be enveloped and drawn into a genuinely musical and faithful reproduction of your recordings. It doesn't try to color music or alter timbre in ways to impress but provides your listening experience with just the right amount of nuance, from the articulation of vocals to the plucks of guitar strings.

NAD Masters Series M17 V2 audiophile

Home Theater Design now proudly offering Audio Control, Acurus, NAD Master series pre/pro's email for info on any ALL New Audiophile Preamp-Processor Exceptional flexibility First-rate build quality Superb sound! Sale priced too low to print serious audiophiles ready to purchase email for quote

Boston Audio Design TuneBlocks Review By Rick Becker

2021/4/9Boston Audio Design TuneBlocks - Enjoy the Music Review Magazine March 2005 World Premier! Boston Audio Design TuneBlocks Review By Rick Becker Click here to e-mail reviewer In my rather rave review of their Mat 1 carbon graphite turntable mat, I hinted that Boston Audio Design's brand new TuneBlocks were also something quite special.

Boston Audio Society

Subject: 17.3 Channels of Audio + Large Screen Video, 6-Channel DVD Audio Featured Guests: Dr. Richard Goldwater, Psychiatrist and Serious Audiophile Our November meeting will be held at the home of Richard Goldwater, long-time BAS member and former co-host of Shop Talk., long-time BAS member and former co-host of Shop Talk.

Bibliography of audio publications

Benchmark audio bi-monthly. The High End Journal of Audio and Music. Domain of the legendary Harry Pearson; fascinating reading for the serious audiophile, whether or not the reader has the wherewithal to own components reviewed therein. At some dealers

Symposium Acoustics Rollerblocks Series 2+

Increased focus, soundstaging, image stability, dynamics and delicacy are just a few of the sonic delights awaiting the serious audiophile. When used with an effective equipment base (such as Symposium Platforms), the Series 2+ Rollerblock system provides an additional step toward ideal equipment support, which is simultaneous component isolation and drainage of chassis-borne vibration.

Tweakers' Asylum

2010/1/27Audio Asylum - Tweakers' Asylum - Tweaks for systems, rooms and Do It Yourself (DIY) help. FAQ . dolarsbin- speaker building big subject!!-for me madisound was where i bought my raw speakers-buy from them and they will for a small fee design your crossover-your first design should be simple-ie two way or a full range with tweeter support-i recommend using apple plywood for your

The Analog Dept.

2021/4/26This site is organized by departments which, hopefully, are self explanatory by their link names. The home page (you are there now) functions as a site map and as a portal from which to delve into the content here. Below, the site map begins and you're at The Analog Department.

Audio Reviews, Audiophile Forums and Stereo Reviews

Audio Asylum - Speaker Asylum - General speaker questions for audio and home theater. For example, I just read an interesting Youtube review of the Wharfedale Evo 4.2 speakers. Reviewers name was Zero Fidelity. This reviewer stated that it took him about two

FS: Boston Audio Tuneblocks (3 sets)

2009/6/7More information on Tuneblocks (white paper, pricing, etc.) can also be found at Boston Audio Design - Serious Audiophile Tweaks These Tuneblocks will last forever - they don't wear out and I have not dropped them. Two sets of Tuneblocks SE: this is their best

Boston Acoustics Introduces New Family of High

Front-Firing and Front-Ported, Flagship XB6 and Models XB4 and XB2 Bring Power, Style and The Boston Sound to Home Theaters and AV Systems CES '06, LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2006 — Boston Acoustics, Inc., a premier manufacturer of high-performance audio

Fidelizer 8.0

2020/6/18Despite tight schedule, I always find time to maintain updates over time and design solutions for Audirvana software. Now you can launch Audirvana from Fidelizer with core isolation policy applied for further tweaks. This is possible by mapping Audirvana executable

Audiophile Reviews

Audiophile reviews of Hifi speakers, amps, turntables, phonostages, CD players, - audiophile reviews of Allnic Audio, Feickert, Magnepan, Origin Live, CJ and more. Speakers – planars, electrostats, horns and dynamic/cone loudspeakers. Amps – Single-ended triode vacuum tube designs, push-pull amplifiers and even solid state amps with the latest designs in digital.

Spice and the art of preamplifier design, Part 1

This page is adapted from an article that originally appeared in Glass Audio, Vol. 9, No. 2, p. 1 and No. 4, p. 38, 1997.Internet links have been added. Circuits with current regulator diodes for linearizing the output have been eliminated because the small reduction in low


Audiophile values may be applied at all stages of music reproduction: the initial audio recording, the production process, and the playback, which is usually in a home setting. Audiophile recordings include those using conventional formats but with special attention to audio quality, as well as recordings in high-resolution formats such as Super Audio CD or DVD-Audio .

The Best Audio Accessories, Tweaks, and Voodoo

2020/12/6Part-Time Audiophile | The Best Audio Accessories, Tweaks, and Voodoo | Buyers Guide 2021 April 27, 2021 in Announcements // Hypsos by Ferrum Now Available in the USA April 20, 2021 in Announcements // NEW Rotel Integrateds: A-14 MKII, RA-1572 MKII, RA-1592 MKII

Calibrating Desktop Speakers using Focus Fidelity Filter

In this article, I walk through the process of using Focus Fidelity's Digital Room Correction (DRC) Filter Designer software to calibrate my desktop speakers for accurate sound. Focus Fidelity's Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software product costs US $250. In my

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